and then I killed myself

22 years old.
From Ireland

I was really rude to my housemate via text and now I feel guilty but I was only rude because he really pissed me off.
Like the bin hasn’t been emptied since I last did it and all his dishes left in the sink plus he left milk all over the counter. And he just fucked off to his mums and I’m pretty sick.
& he just text me to say that his mum brought him to a gross cafe.
Oh wow, life is so hard when your mum takes you out for lunch.
Omg I’m so annoyed.

Do you ever be quite ill, & have your house mate just go to their mums. So you’re quite ill on your own hoping you don’t die and feeling a bit lonely and bored.

Hoping the handy man in my room doesn’t see my vibrator on the floor